The Fascination of Diamonds

Nature has produced many types of precious stones, but diamonds have a special place among them. The only other material that can rival them in mysticism is gold. Diamonds can bind the gaze of almost every person; many women view diamond jewellery as the ideal gift. Fascination with them sometimes seems supernatural, so what makes this type of gemstones so extraordinary?

A reminder of the main features of these precious stones is the first step to answering the question. Diamonds can be found in different parts of the world: from North America to India, from Siberia to Africa. A diamond’s natural form is not an impressive one, and the stones are used in the production of some building and surgical equipment. However, the stone makes a transformation into a jewel after going through the processes of cutting and polishing. These stones exist in a variety of colours: yellow, blue, green, and others.

Diamonds as decorations display two main characteristics: they are hard and beautiful. These two traits contributed to the reputation of the stones and the mythology that surrounds them. The use of diamonds began in ancient times. They were often given divine origins; for example, in the Graeco-Roman world it was believed they were tears shed by gods. The hardness of these gems made its way into superstition. During the Antiquity and the Middle Ages, these gemstones were used as guardian amulets that protected their wielders from different kinds of threats. It was believed that a diamond dipped in a poisoned drink would change its colour. The beauty of the gemstone played a more important role in the making of its reputation. It takes much skill to turn it into a truly precious stone; this made them expensive items of jewellery. Diamonds were worn by rich people throughout the centuries. The use of diamonds in the decoration of royal regalia was a common theme. The sceptre of Edward VII of England is adorned by one of the biggest known diamonds. The now lost Florentine Diamond was a part of the crown of the Holy Roman Empire. The Shah Diamond decorated the throne of India’s Mughal rulers.

The tale of diamonds unites jewellery craft, history of fashion, myth, and superstition. Modern-day fascination with these gemstones springs from it.

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