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Diamond Jewellery Care

Diamonds last forever or they can with proper diamond jewellery care. Getting that special diamond necklace or diamond earrings that sparkle with their brilliance as a gift will make you want to keep them looking that way for years to come. And while they are the hardest of all natural stones in their original state, they are much more delicate as jewellery. Good diamond jewellery care not only keeps your diamonds looking their best, it also protects them. » Read more..

Diamond Jewellery

The saying “diamonds are forever” is an accurate assessment of diamond jewelry. Diamonds are the hardest of all natural stones. They are also quite rare in their natural state.
When they were discovered in India 3,000 years ago, it was believed that they held mystical powers. Because of their ability to refract light, it was thought that they would keep evil spirits away. » Read more..

Diamond Necklaces

A diamond necklace can make a lovely gift for someone special. First worn by royalty centuries ago, even today they still make a woman feel like a princess. Diamond earrings, diamond rings, and even a diamond bracelet are lovely pieces of jewellery, but the diamond necklace is the most noticeable piece of diamond jewellery to wear. » Read more..