Diamond Necklaces

A diamond necklace can make a lovely gift for someone special. First worn by royalty centuries ago, even today they still make a woman feel like a princess. Diamond earrings, diamond rings, and even a diamond bracelet are lovely pieces of jewellery, but the diamond necklace is the most noticeable piece of diamond jewellery to wear.

Choosing what Diamond Necklace to Buy

Diamond Necklace

Diamond Necklace

A diamond necklace can have one diamond or multiple diamonds, depending on your personal taste. Platinum has become the metal of choice to pair with diamonds, but some people still prefer gold, either white or yellow.

Diamond necklaces come in many different prices and make a nice gift for a woman of any age. You can learn about diamond jewellery care from the place you buy your piece to make it continue to look beautiful.

There are many different styles to choose in a diamond necklace and it’s mostly a matter of personal taste. The pendant necklace is one of the most popular. They are a single piece of jewellery hanging on a chain. They can be one or multiple diamonds in a variety of shapes. Two of the most popular shapes for pendants are the round cut diamond and the princess cut diamond. They make a beautiful gift for a young girl or a woman of any age.

Diamond Necklaces

Diamond Necklaces

Full necklaces are another basic style of diamond necklaces. They have many variations, just like the pendant necklaces. However, the main idea is that the necklace design circles most of the neck, like a choker.

Round cut stones are the most popular for full necklaces, but princess and heart shaped are quite common. Baguette cut diamonds are similar to emerald cut, but do not appear to be oblong. Tapered baguettes are often used as side stones in necklaces. The full necklace is popular for a bride to wear.

Choosing a diamond necklace is mainly a matter of personal taste. Price is usually a primary consideration and then the choice of the diamond itself. Selecting the proper setting will better display your diamond. The design of the necklace is important to flatter your face and neck. A heart-shaped face will look good with a pendant or V-shaped necklace. A choker will be flattering on a long neck and oval face.

Full necklaces are usually more expensive than pendants. A simple pendant with a single diamond is an affordable choice and can look very elegant for day or evening wear. Talking to a reputable jeweler to find quality diamonds and the right setting will make any necklace look beautiful.

A diamond necklace will be a piece of jewellery that will last many years, so select one that you will enjoy wearing for a long time.

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