Diamond Jewellery

The saying “diamonds are forever” is an accurate assessment of diamond jewelry. Diamonds are the hardest of all natural stones. They are also quite rare in their natural state.
When they were discovered in India 3,000 years ago, it was believed that they held mystical powers. Because of their ability to refract light, it was thought that they would keep evil spirits away.

After discovering that they had no magical or healing powers, they began to be prized instead for their beauty and made into jewellery to be worn by royalty. It wasn’t until around the last hundred and fifty years that diamond jewellery was available to the general public.

Choosing Good Quality Diamond Jewellery

Diamond Jewelry

Woman wearing Diamond Jewellery

Today, diamond jewellery comes in many forms. Diamond rings are traditionally worn as a sign of an engagement, but many people wear diamond necklaces, earrings, and bracelets. Diamond jewellery careis very easy as long as you use the proper cleaning solution.

When choosing your diamond jewellery, consider the four Cs of diamonds: color, clarity, cut and carats. Cut doesn’t refer to shape but to the reflective quality of the diamond. How the gem is cut will determine how much light is refracted and determines the brilliance of the diamond.

Diamond jewellery is made from gems with clarity. Clarity refers to the number and kind of flaws that developed during the formation of the diamond. Colorless diamonds are the most valuable because they allow more light to come through. Carats refer to the weight of the diamond.

To choose your diamond, there are several things to consider. Your budget should be decided first. Once you know how much you will be spending, you can decide on the kind of diamond. Size will be the next thing to choose and if you have a limited budget, you may want to cut corners in this area. It would be better to have a beautiful small diamond than a large one that doesn’t look as nice.

Shape will be the next choice. There are many styles, including round cut and princess cut. If you need to reduce your price, lower the clarity first, but not too much. Then lower the color and the cut to try to get into your price range. If the jewellery is still outside your price range, you may want to consider lowering the number of carats.

Diamond jewellery will last a long time so make your decision carefully.

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