Diamond Jewellery Care

Diamonds last forever or they can with proper diamond jewellery care. Getting that special diamond necklace or diamond earrings that sparkle with their brilliance as a gift will make you want to keep them looking that way for years to come. And while they are the hardest of all natural stones in their original state, they are much more delicate as jewellery. Good diamond jewellery care not only keeps your diamonds looking their best, it also protects them.

How to take Care for your Diamond Jewellery

Diamond Jewelry Care

Diamond Jewellery Care

Storing your jewellery is part of diamond jewellery care. You want to keep your pieces of jewellery separate from each other so they don’t scratch or damage each other. If you have a fabric lined jewellery box, keep each piece in a separate compartment. If you don’t have one, store the diamonds in cloth bags.

To avoid chipping or breaking your diamonds, avoid wearing them when doing things such as playing sports. This can especially damage diamond rings or a diamond bracelet. Remove the jewellery when swimming, taking a shower, or sitting in a hot tub. Chlorine and other chemicals can damage a diamond.

For cleaning, use the recommended solution suggested by a professional jeweler. If you use items around the house, you risk damaging your jewellery. If you do make your own solution for diamond jewellery care, use one part ammonia with four parts warm water. Add a small amount of mild dish washing liquid and use a new soft bristle toothbrush to gently rub the diamond after soaking for ten minutes. A lip brush or eye brush is an even better choice for diamond jewellery care because of the soft bristles. Dry with a soft, lint-free cloth.

Part of diamond jewellery care is to clean your jewellery on a regular basis to prevent dirt buildup and film from lotions and perfumes. Even natural body oil can change the color of the diamond and make it look dull. Remember to keep your diamonds covered when not in use to prevent dust buildup. When cleaning, try to avoid touching the stone with your fingers as much as possible.

Take your diamonds to a jeweler once a year for a professional cleaning to keep your gems looking like new. They will also check for any bent prongs, loose diamonds, or other issues with the settings.

Providing good diamond jewelelry care will keep your diamonds looking like new.

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