Costume Jewellery

Costume jewellery in the form that we know it, came into existence properly in the Art Deco period during the 1920s and 1930. However, it actually has a history that dates back around three hundred years, when jewellers started to create pieces that were made from coloured glass to look like gemstones. These were made for women who weren’t wealthy enough to own real precious metals or gemstones but wanted to recreate the look of the ladies “at court”.

The start of the twentieth century was when costume jewellery really took off as both desirable and fashionable. It became a way of using inexpensive metals and simulated precious gemstones, real semi-precious gems or pearls to achieve a variety of looks that could go with many different outfits in a woman’s ever changing wardrobe. The pieces were made and sold for relatively small sums of money which meant that as fashions changed, so could jewellery trends.

Fashion designers like Coco Chanel made it socially acceptable to be seen wearing inexpensive items of jewellery to accessorise outfits in the early years of last century. However, it was during the Hollywood glamour era of the 1940s and 1950s, when actresses like Bette Davis and Elizabeth Taylor appeared in adverts for jewellers, that the pieces they wore were recreated. They were then mass marketed so that women everywhere could indulge in a little luxury for less. Getting the look of a favourite film star suddenly became achievable and women everywhere loved it.

Nowadays, jewellery is generally much more varied and comes in many different styles to suit the differing fashion trends we all adopt. Jewellery outlets like Lola & Grace offer cute, funky and pretty designs in all the latest trends whether it is Swarovski crystal, enamelling or pretty and delicate bohemian styles.

Whereas years ago it was all about one specific style or trend, the pieces would reflect the fashions at the time and would have been bold, glamorous and showy. It is often said that during the 1960s, the First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy would only ever wear faux pearls in her jewellery and never real! These days it’s all about dressing and accessorising to suit a particular personality, so this sort of jewellery really offers a great way to be you without breaking the bank. Experimenting with style, colour and shape has never been easier!

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