An Engaging Topic

Engagement rings are typically given by men, to their partners as a symbol of lasting commitment to eventually a marriage. It is traditional however, for a woman to ask a man for his hand in marriage on the rare 29th February, every four years on a leap year. Sales of engagement rings to suit a manly hand must soar at the beginning of each leap year!

Whilst there are no set rules, it is often seen that women wear engagement rings whilst men do not, even if both intend to wear wedding rings once they are bonded in marriage. Because of this, the market for female engagement rings is much larger than that for male engagement rings.

That said, with the increasing social acceptance of same-sex partnerships, it is likely that there will be a continuation in the production of more masculine styled engagement rings for what is certainly a growing market in the UK.

Nowadays it has become common for couples to go shopping together for engagement rings, although there will be many who disagree with doing so, believing that the perfect engagement should be full of surprise and delight – ring presentation included. The argument by those who would go and shop together for engagement rings is that in doing so, the ring can be sized accordingly immediately, and it will certainly be a gift that the recipient will approve of and like. It just won’t be a surprise.

Regardless of how traditional or modern-day an individual relationship is, there should never be pressure to conform, as the main reason for engagement is the commitment to marriage, not an excuse to spend lots of money on expensive jewellery. If a couple truly love each other, engagement rings could be made of string for all they care as they are a symbol of love and not financial status. Although, please do remember gentlemen, diamonds are a girl’s best friend!

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